Attendance Policy

2023-2024 Student Attendance Policy

Students must have regular and punctual attendance. School begins at 9:00 AM. Students are expected to arrive at school on time. Students must bring a note upon returning from an absence signed by the physician, parent, or guardian explaining the reason for the absence. Attendance will be carefully monitored, and legal action will be taken in cases of repeated unexcused absences. John Welsh School’s goal is that no student will miss more than three (3) days of school because attendance equals success.

Late Arrival

School begins promptly at 9:00 AM. Students who arrive late consistently and/or because they stopped at the store before coming to school will have to make up for any lost time and be referred to Truancy. Students who arrive at school after 9:10 AM must get a late note at the security desk. Students arriving after 10:00 AM must report to the main office for a late note. Continued lateness to school causes unnecessary disruption and will result in disciplinary action. It is essential that students be on time for class. Students will be accountable for the work missed. If students arrive past 10:30 AM or leave before 1:30 PM without an excused note, each occurrence will count as ½ day’s absence. We want children in school for a full day of learning.

Early Dismissals

Only parents or guardians listed in SIS (Student Information System) can pick a child up early.

All early dismissal procedures must be followed for early pick-up.

NO EARLY DISMISSALS AFTER 2:45 PM will be granted unless students receive transportation services.