Electronic Device Policy

2023-2024 Cell Phone Policy

Cell phone use during school is strictly prohibited.

To ensure that students are focused and on learning throughout the day, we will be collecting cell phones for 6th-8th graders during admission. Each student is assigned a Yondr Pouch that locks and can only be opened with the unlocking base. Their cell phone will be placed in the pouch, locked, and stored in the main office. All 6th-8th graders’ cell phones will be returned at the end of the day.

K-5 students will not have their cell phones collected. However, cell phone use during school is strictly prohibited, including lunch and recess.

If a student is seen using a cell phone in class, the below action will be taken:

  • First time: The teacher issues a warning and instructs the student to submit a cell phone to be stored with the phones that have already been collected.
  • Second time: If a student is seen with the phone another day after collection, it is confiscated and kept in the Main Office for the student to pick up at the end of the day. A phone call will be made to a parent or guardian notifying them.
  • Third time: The cell phone will be kept in the Main Office and must be picked up by a parent or guardian.
  • Fourth time: A fourth violation of cell phone usage will result in a parent conference and exclusion from monthly PBIS activities.

If students refuse to hand in their phones, a parent conference will be scheduled immediately.