Counselor’s Corner

School Counselor

School Counselors in the School District of Philadelphia are committed to the District’s mission of ensuring access and equity for all students in partnership with the following stakeholders: parents/guardians, business/community organizations, and post-secondary institutions. School Counselors connect students with growth opportunities and resources that prepare them for post-secondary success. Every K-12 school counseling program will assist students with the development of social/emotional, academic, and career readiness related skills to become effective students, responsible and productive citizens, and lifelong learners. School counselors work to address the needs of all students, aligned with the MTSS process, and provide targeted intervention, services, and supports. Parents and students are encouraged to contact their school counselor to discuss any area of concern.

The Mission of the John Welsh School Counseling Program

To do whatever it takes to collaborate with all stakeholders and ensure access and equity through counseling services to help students achieve their best academically, socially/emotionally, and in their post-secondary goals and dreams.

The Vision for the School Counseling Program

Students will achieve academic success by overcoming barriers, thinking critically, and applying skills that align with their interests. Students will be prepared to be active members of our community and show respect and kindness to all.

Counseling Referral Form for Families

Does your child need extra support from the counselor?

This form is for non-emergency use only. Complete the form.

College and Career Readiness

In addition to the subjects, students are learning in class. They will also learn about college, careers, and related skills through Naviance, our district’s career readiness learning platform. Students will access Naviance through their school portals.

Tips to Start Preparing Your Child for College and Career

  • Tell them about your job and/or school and how you prepared for those positions.
  • Encourage your children to ask other adults about their job and/or school.
  • Begin talking to them about what they want to be when they grow up.  What kind of problems do they want to solve in the world?
  • Start saving for college with a 529 Saving Fund.
  • Remember, it’s never too early to start preparing for your child’s future!